The Fur & Feathers Team

Nebbie & Chloe

Guardians of the property. Vineyard dogs. Protectors of the chickens.
Nebbie, our red merle Aussie and Chloe, our Great Pyrenees do a great job in keeping everyone safe from coyotes, bobcats and flying predators. As well as chasing out the occasional deer looking for a snack.
Nebbie and Chloe, vineyard dogs


Not that Nebbie or Chloe needed the help but Bruno insists on running with the big girls. Nebbie is more a frustrated step-mom with Bruno—another Aussie–while Aunt Chloe is teaching him how to wrestle with her bulk. They toss him around some but he always gets up for more which bodes well for him gaining vineyard dog status.

The Three Tuxedos: Atheno, Bootsie and Veronica(t)

The inspiration for our branding (logo + notched label) with their own reserve Pinot Noir named what else but Three Tuxedos.
They’re inside cats though Veronicat does venture out to meet guests as she’s a real people cat. More than once we have done a double-take on finding her on a lap.
Three cats inspecting the Three Tuxedos wine bottles


Our palomino-coated Missouri Foxtrotter, Touch lives 8 minutes from us. He ’s the inspiration for our Touch of Gold estate Chardonnay. An easy keeper and a real prankster. He wants to move to the property and is upset that chickens have taken over his stall. He does however like his image hanging in the stables tasting room.
Trish feeding the horse Touch


Our pampered girls can be found strolling around the property and greeting tasters. They’re egg layers so we never lack for fresh eggs. It’s amazing how different their personalities can be.
The chickens roaming the yard at Benza Vineyards


We have two feeders on the tasting deck and we often get requests to sit under them to watch their antics. Numbers…somewhere between 18 to 20.
Hummingbirds of Benza Vineyards