Benza Vineyards

Chehalem Mountains
Willamette Valley, oregon


12 acres of Pinot noir & pinot gris

It was nature at its most fierce. Volcanic eruptions. Ocean floor upheaval forced by the pressure of plate tectonics. Thousands of years of cataclysmic floods with biting winds depositing airborne soils along the northern part of what is today the outcropping known as the Chehalem Mountains.

We’re glad we didn’t live here back then. But happy with the results of nature’s turmoil. Because it’s given us a unique gift: deep Laurelwood soils on top of volcanic basalt. Together they allow for our vines to express some of the very best Oregon has to offer. Flavors that are rich, spicy and bold.

Our 12-acre patch of heaven is located only 35 minutes from downtown Portland, next door to Ruby Vineyard. The 20-year old dry-farmed vineyards will be making our first estate wines this year. Sparkling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. The Gris and sparkling will be available in 2018. The first Pinot Noir in 2019.

We hope you’ll come see us when it’s time!

-Ron Benza & Trish Damkroger


16740 Pinot Place, Hillsboro, OR 97123